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Teespring Team

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Person Role Period
Walker Williams
Co-Founder and CEO Sep 2011 to Present
Evan Stites-Clayton
Co-founder and CTO Sep 2011 to Present
Chris Daft
VP of Operations Sep 2011 to Present
Michael Cesare
Head of Business Development May 2012 to Present
Avery Houser
Growth Strategist Feb 2013 to Present
Georgia Ritz
Community Manager; Marketing/Branding May 2013 to Present
Alex Phelan
Head of Production Jun 2013 to Present
Tyler J. Diaz
Programmer Sep 2013 to Present
Matt Duffy
Strategic Partnerships Oct 2013 to Present
Dylan Clendenin
Software Engineer Nov 2013 to Present
Joshua Sortino
Design Manager May 2014 to Present
Arthur Levy
Head of Corporate Development Aug 2014 to Present
Alex Halliday
Director of Product Sep 2014 to Present
Lee Edwards
Director of Engineering May 2015 to Present
Chloe Alpert
Growth Sep 2016 to Present
John Figueiredo
Engineering Manager Oct 2016 to Present
Jack Altman
Head of Business Development Unknown to Present
Lori Meeks
Director of People Operations Unknown to Present
Chris Lamontagne
Director of Growth Unknown to Present
Youssif Abdulhamid
Product Manager Unknown to Present
Rose Bloomfield
Culture and Office Experience Manager Unknown to Present
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