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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

How are people using StartupRanking?

From entrepreneurs to investors use StarupRanking to track, research and prospect startups/companies around the world. We offer insights of all startups/companies registered in our database.

How is StatupRanking priced?

StartupRanking service is free, you can register your startup and we will gather your information for free. We also offer a premium service called SR Pro. All new users are offered a Demo plan to test the service. If you need additional information about our pricing and plans, please see our plans here.

What types of startups are tracked in StartupRanking?

StartupRanking's goal is to track growth signals from all startups/companies around the world. We're continuously expanding our coverage of startups, and we increase our number for new startups daily.

How can I update my startup information?

You must claim the startup in order to edit its information. The claim button (Edit) is located in your startup profile.

Why there is no data in my startup profile?

Your startup has to pass through an approval process before we start gathering its data. Usually the process takes 60 days. We offer a paid option of $99 for those that like to skip the waiting queue of the approval process.

Why do my likes count from Facebook is zero?

The most common problem is because your Facebook Fan Page is private or has region restrictions and we cannot gather the correct information. Check if your Facebook Fan Page is public and not restricted to United States. If your problem persists, please contact us.

Why do my followers count from Twitter is zero?

The most common problem is that your Twitter Account is not well written. Verify it in your startup profile page and edit it if it's wrong. If your problem persists, please contact us.

Will StatupRanking sell or distribute my personal data?

No. Your account information including your email address and your activities within StartupRaking (e.g. lists you've made, startups you've viewed) will remain private. Please see our privacy policy for more information.

Do you offer free trials of SR Pro?

We do not offer free trials of SR Pro. We offer a demo here.