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Madrona Venture Group Team

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Person Role Period
Tom Alberg
Co-founder and Managing Director Jan 1995 to Present
Matt McIlwain
Managing Director Jan 2000 to Present
Len Jordan
Managing Director Jan 2010 to Present
Julie Sandler
Partner Jan 2011 to Present
Daniel Li
Senior Associate Jan 2017 to Present
Hope F. Cochran
Venture Partner Jan 2017 to Present
S. Somasegar
Managing Director Jan 2017 to Present
Maria Karaivanova
Principal Mar 2017 to Present
Alice Ryder
Director of Investor Relations and Business Development Mar 2017 to Present
Tom Alberg
Founder & Managing Director Jan 1995 to Unknown
Geoff Entress
Venture Partner Mar 2000 to Jun 2008
Tim Porter
Managing Director Oct 2006 to Unknown
Julie Sandler
Principal Jan 2011 to Unknown
Sujal Patel
Strategic Director Mar 2015 to Unknown
S. Somasegar
Venture Partner Nov 2015 to Unknown
Daniel Li
Associate Unknown to Unknown
Benjamin Gilbert
Founder Unknown to Unknown
Paul Goodrich
Founder Unknown to Unknown
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