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Kleiner Perkins Caufield Byers Team

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Person Role Period
Eugene Kleiner
Co-Founder Jan 1972 to Present
Tom Perkins
Co-Founder Jan 1972 to Present
John Doerr
General Partner Jan 1980 to Present
Juliet de Baubigny
Partner, Talent Feb 2001 to Present
Al Gore
Senior Partner Jan 2007 to Present
Michael Abbott
General Partner Dec 2011 to Present
Ju-Djuin Csontos
Events & Marketing Manager Jan 2012 to Present
Delia Ding
Finance Director Jan 2013 to Present
Lynne Chou
Associate Jun 2013 to Present
Zach Barasz
Senior Associate Jun 2014 to Present
Dino Becirovic
Associate Jun 2015 to Present
Eric Feng
General Partner Oct 2015 to Present
Andy Chen
Recruiting Partner Unknown to Present
Vinod Khosla
Affiliated Partner Unknown to Present
Susan Biglieri
Chief Financial Officer Unknown to Present
Frank Caufield
Co-Founder Unknown to Present
Brook Byers
Co-Founder Unknown to Present
Daniel Axelsen
Investor Unknown to Present
Cindy Cheng
Associate Unknown to Present
Zhenyuan Chen
Vice president, China Unknown to Present
Junyu Chen
Associate Unknown to Present
Mark Bailey
Associate Feb 1985 to Nov 1989
Arnt Jeschke
Auditor Jan 1996 to Jan 2000
Steve Anderson
Partner Jan 1999 to Jan 2003
Aileen Lee
Senior Partner Jan 1999 to Unknown
Matt Murphy
General Partner Sep 1999 to Jun 2015
Ellen Pao
Partner Jun 2005 to Oct 2012
Eric Feng
Partner Jul 2010 to Jul 2011
Megan Quinn
Investment Partner Jan 2012 to Nov 2015
John Maeda
Design Partner Jan 2014 to Aug 2016
Jordan Ormont
Partner Unknown to Feb 2016
Controller Unknown to Unknown
David Whorton
Associate Partner Unknown to Unknown
Cyriac Roeding
EIR, now investors Unknown to Unknown
Max Motschwiller
Senior associate Unknown to Unknown
Russell Siegelman
Partner Unknown to Unknown
Frank Caufield
Founder Unknown to Unknown
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