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NanoseenX filter for desalination and water purification.

Giphy Team

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Person Role Period
Nam Nguyen
GM Feb 2014 to Present
Andy Hin
Director of Product, Creation Aug 2015 to Present
Clare MacGoey
CFO Mar 2016 to Present
Alex Chung
Co-Founder & CEO Unknown to Present
Paul Murphy
Director Unknown to Present
Jared Halpern
iOS Engineer Unknown to Present
Julian Glander
Artists Unknown to Present
Tyler Menzel
Editorial Director Unknown to Present
Adam Leibsohn
Chief Operating Officer Unknown to Present
Jace Cooke
Co-founder Unknown to Present
Nam Nguyen
Director of Business Development Feb 2014 to Jan 2015
Nam Nguyen
Director of Platform Products Jan 2015 to Jul 2016
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