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Accel Partners Team

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Person Role Period
Richard Wong
General Partner Dec 2006 to Present
Andrew Braccia
Partner Jan 2007 to Present
Sonali De Rycker
General Partner Apr 2008 to Present
Sameer Gandhi
Partner Jul 2008 to Present
Kirk Bowman
Venture Partner Jan 2011 to Present
Jordan Angelos
Investment Team Jan 2013 to Present
Andrei Brasoveanu
Investment Team Jun 2013 to Present
Ankit Arora
Investment Team Nov 2014 to Present
Amiya Adwitiya
Investment Team Feb 2015 to Present
Steven Carpenter
Executive in Residence Oct 2015 to Present
Sinchan Banerjee
Entrepreneur In Residence (TIR) Dec 2015 to Present
Philippe Botteri
General Partner Dec 2015 to Present
Abhinav Chaturvedi
Investment Team Unknown to Present
Billy Chasen
Team Member Unknown to Present
Meera Chandrasekhar
Controller -- India Unknown to Present
Shekhar Kirani
Partner, India Unknown to Present
Richard Wolpert
Venture Partner Unknown to Present
Nir Blumberger
Venture Partner Unknown to Present
Ryan Sweeney
Partner Unknown to Present
Tracy Sedlock
Chief Operating Partner Unknown to Present
Mahendran Balachandran
Partner, India Unknown to Present
Jonathan Biggs
COO & CFO -- London Unknown to Present
Jim Breyer
Partner Emeritus Sep 1987 to Feb 2016
Theresia Gouw
Partner Jan 1999 to Unknown
Peter Fenton
Managing Partner Oct 1999 to May 2006
Tracy Gribschaw
Director of IT Aug 2001 to Nov 2006
Richard Muirhead
EIR Sep 2001 to Nov 2002
Frank Artale
Partner Jul 2004 to Feb 2011
Sam Pullara
EIR Oct 2004 to Aug 2005
Simon Levene
Partner Sep 2006 to Jan 2010
Tracy Gribschaw
IT Professional Nov 2006 to Jan 2008
Amr Awadallah
Entreprenuer In Residence Jun 2008 to Oct 2008
Jeff Weiner
Executive in Residence Sep 2008 to Jun 2009
Jonathan Siegel
Venture Partner Jan 2010 to Jan 2011
Adam Valkin
Venture Partner Jan 2010 to Unknown
Michiel Kotting
Partner May 2010 to Unknown
Greg Waldorf
CEO-in-Residence Jan 2011 to Unknown
Philippe Botteri
Partner & Member - Investment Team Jan 2011 to Unknown
Mariana Donangelo
Investment Team Jul 2011 to Unknown
Dave Eisenberg
Entrepreneur in Residence Jan 2012 to Jan 2013
Max Niederhofer
Vice President Jan 2012 to Mar 2013
Nick Mehta
Executive in Residence May 2012 to Feb 2013
Kobie Fuller
Principal Jan 2013 to Jun 2016
Chrysanthos Chrysanthou
VP - Investments Feb 2014 to Feb 2015
Arthur Patterson
Founder Unknown to Unknown
Bob Pasker
CTO-in-Residence Unknown to Unknown
Tracy Gribschaw
IT Manager Unknown to Unknown
Peter Wagner
Partner Unknown to Unknown
James Cameron
Vice President Unknown to Unknown
Jeff Hammerbacher
Entrepreneur in Residence Unknown to Unknown
Alan Austin
Partner Unknown to Unknown
Tyler Sosin
Associate Unknown to Unknown
Jim Swartz
Founder Unknown to Unknown
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