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Online Time Tracking Software #1 in Indonesia

SmartPresence has been trusted by many companies, schools, hospitals, offices and hotels for time management and personal presence in each organization because SmartPresence is simple, effective, accessible, user friendly and accu...
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Founded: January 01, 2017

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Startup Industry Description
Software, Internet & Computer Services Leave management and attendance tracking system - Calamari is the agile, modern and innovative HR ma ...
Technology Hardware & Equipment Connect with your employees - Ponchar.com provides time and attendance solutions ...
Snap Attendance
- Snap Attendance is facial recognition time clock software that runs on any tablet or computer. Track ...
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SmartPresence DataCapture
Live SmartPresence DataCapture App with face pattern recognition feature, GPS lock and time validation with server time, pres ...
SmartPresence Dashboard
Live SmartPresence Dashboard is a cloud-based application, to perform SmartPresence attendance management systems in a smalle ...
SmartPresence Employee
Live SmartPresence Employee App is a cloud-based application, to be used by employees as a portal to attendance data. With th ...
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