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Gil Elbaz

Gil Elbaz is the founder of [Factual](/organization/factu...

Gil Elbaz is the founder of Factual, a new information-sharing startup.
He is also the co-founder of Applied Semantics (ASI), a new language that helped create [Google].

ASI helped to define and build new addressable markets with its AdSense platform and other contextual advertising products. The company formed important partnerships with key players in both internet and content spaces such as O...
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Gender: Male
URL: www.factual.com

Gil Jobs

Startup/Company Role Period
CEO and founder Jan 2008 to Present
Tenoneten Ventures
Founding Partner Jan 2012 to Present
Common Crawl
Founder & President Unknown to Present
Applied Semantics
Co-Founder Jan 1988 to Unknown
Engineering Roles Unknown to Unknown
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