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Business Intelligence - Dashboards and Analytics

Domo optimizes your business by connecting you to the data, people, and expertise you need to improve business results.

Domo brings your business and all its data together in one intuitive platform. With Domo, it's easy to see ...
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Website: https://www.domo.com
Founded: January 01, 2011

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- Birst is a global leader in cloud business intelligence and analytics for the enterprise. - Birst is the global leader in Cloud Business Intel ...
- Chartio helps businesses analyze and track their critical data through an intutive interface.
- CubEgg is a gamified Saas-based social platform for organization's targeted project management and managerial accounting
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Domo Funding

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Date Round Amount Investors
Apr 27, 2017 Series D $ 100,000,000
Feb 28, 2017 Secondary Market Undisclosed amount
Mar 21, 2016 Series D $ 131,000,000
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Domo Acquisitions

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Date Acquired Amount
Oct 01, 2010
Corda Technologies
Undisclosed amount

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Domo Team

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Person Role Period
Daren Thayne
CTO Dec 2010 to Present
Gary Gibb
Director of Product Management Apr 2011 to Present
Brett Error
Chief Scientist and Chief Strategy Officer Aug 2013 to Present
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