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Revnomix Solutions

Leading Hotel Data Analytics & Revenue Management

The offsite revenue management service offered by Revnomix address the key revenue maximization & optimization needs of hotels for higher profitability.At Revnomix, we think about your business, your sustainability, your profits a...
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Website: https://www.revnomix.com
Founded: March 24, 2015

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Startup Industry Description
Travel, Recreation & Leisure Freelance Hotel Revenue Management Services - and with Hotels, outsourcing, hotel marketing, hot ...
Software, Internet & Computer Services Pull data from various apps to Google Sheets! - We created Coupler.io to help entrepreneurs and sm ...
Travel, Recreation & Leisure Book Hotel Rooms by the Hour - MiStay is a travel-tech company which allows booki ...
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Revnomix Solutions Products

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Total Revenue Management
Live Total Revenue Management is a science of optimizing revenue from all the source and a technique of arriving at the most profitable business mix. Total Revenu...
Room Revenue Management
Live Hotel Revenues typically constitute 65% Growth - Room revenues comprise revenues received as room tariffs. Room revenues typically constitute 60-75 per cent of total hotel reve...
Live If you torture the data enough, it will confess - Data Analysis and Visualization is a scientific art of finding the right data to answer your questions, discovering the right p...
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Revnomix Solutions Team

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Person Role Period
Prakash Singh
Founder Apr 2015 to Unknown
Sainath Vernekar
Founder Apr 2015 to Unknown
Sameer Kulkarni
Founder Apr 2015 to Unknown
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Apr 19, 2017 STAAH Blog - Increase Revenue Management: Need or Necessity? - STAAH Blog
Increase Revenue Management: Need or Necessity? - STAAH Blog

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