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Realty Mogul

We're an online marketplace for real estate investing, connecting borrowers and sponsors to individual and institutional investors.

Realty Mogul - Pool money with like-minded investors to make investments that are otherwise difficult to access. Realty Mogul brings crowdfunding to real estate.

Website: https://www.realtymogul.com
Founded: January 01, 2012

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Realty Mogul Competitors

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Startup Industry Description
Patch of Land
- PofLand is a crowdfunding solution for real estate financing that brings together borrowers and lenders through a simple online interface - Patch of Land is a Peer-to-Real-Estate (“P2RE”) le ...
- RealtyShares is an online marketplace for real estate investing - RealtyShares is a Crowdfunding Marketplace for Hig ...
- Onevest operates and owns as the holding company CoFoundersLab (network for entrepreneurs) and 1000 Angels (network for investors). - Onevest is one of the leading startup investing ma ...
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Realty Mogul Funding

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Date Round Amount Investors
Sep 20, 2016 Venture $ 1,520,000
Jul 14, 2015 Series B $ 35,000,000
Mar 27, 2014 Series A $ 9,000,000
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Realty Mogul Acquisitions

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Realty Mogul Products

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Realty Mogul Team

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Person Role Period
Jilliene Helman
Founder Unknown to Unknown
Justin Hughes
Founder Unknown to Unknown

Realty Mogul News

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