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Moonfrog Labs

Moonfrog Labs is a Bangalore-based startup that makes mobile-first games for masses.

Moonfrog Labs - India's fastest growing mobile gaming company.

Mobile Game Startup

Moonfrog Labs is India's fastest growing gaming company focused on making mobile games for the Indian subcontinent. Top global investors, Sequoia...
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Founded: November 23, 2013

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Moonfrog Labs Competitors

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Startup Industry Description
Kiro'o Games
- Kiro'o Games is a video game, animation, development and publishing company. - Kiro'o Games - Ganes spirit design. Aurion is the ...
Kabar Games
Media & Entertainment Gaming News Portal - Kabar Games is one of the largest independent publ ...
Kola Studios
- Kola Studios is a mobile app and game development studio. - Kola Studios is a game development company in Ugan ...
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Moonfrog Labs Funding

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Date Round Amount Investors
Mar 11, 2015 Series A $ 15,000,000
Mar 10, 2014 Seed $ 1,000,000

Moonfrog Labs Acquisitions

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Date Acquired Amount
There are no acquisitions.

Moonfrog Labs Products

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Product Stage Description
There are no products.

Moonfrog Labs Team

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Person Role Period
Dimpalkumar Maisuriya
Founder Unknown to Unknown
Kumar Puspesh
Founder Unknown to Unknown
Oliver Jones
Founder Unknown to Unknown
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Moonfrog Labs News

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Date Title
There are no news.

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