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Fastest PC stick with 8GB RAM

We are a Hardware startup. Our first product is Magcistick which is a mini PC with best features and speed and the product will soon be launching in the international market.

Founded: September 25, 2015

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Startup Industry Description
Glance Clock
Technology Hardware & Equipment See what you need, when you need it. - Launching in mid September on Indiegogo, Glance Cl ...
- Use your smartphone to communicate when you don't have service - goTenna is a sleek, rugged device that pairs wirel ...
- TechnoDify is an online news magazine that covers new media, pop culture and more. - India's leading Technology website. TechnoDify off ...
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MagicStick Funding

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Date Round Amount Investors
Dec 05, 2015 Product Crowdfunding $ 493,000
Oct 21, 2015 Series A $ 216,000

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MagicStick Products

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Product Stage Description
Magicstick One
Live The Best Intel PC Stick, Powerful Computer - We want to bring an Electronic revolution into the Computing industry. We want to create a new, fair and efficient ecosystem of...

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