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Gaia Grow System

Turning city people into farmers

We created Gaia Grow System™ so you can grow vegetables herbs and medicinal plants at home without the need for soil. Turn 1sqm into a 25sqm vegetables garden.

Our mission is to offer the global urban community with no access ...
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Founded: August 08, 2015

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Startup Industry Description
Grow Venture Community
- Everyone Funding Startups - Grow Venture Community (Grow VC) is the first glob ...
Grow the Planet
- Grow the Planet is a social network helping farmers to grow vegetables in their own organic gardens. - Grow the planet combines popular and scientific wi ...
Food & Beverages Buy Shop fresh Salem Mangoes direct from farms - aims at eliminating the middleman c ...
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Gaia Grow System Products

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Product Stage Description
Gaia Grow System™
Pre-Alpha Grow your own vegetables, herbs and medicinal plants at home without using soil. Turn 1sqm of your city apartment into a 25sqm kitchen garden.

Gaia Grow System Team

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Person Role Period
Hasse Göth
CEO Aug 2015 to Unknown

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