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Asti Infotech

GPS Tracking Solutions in India

Being a leading product based company Asti Infotech is offering customizable business solutions based on GPS, RFID, Bluetooth and NFC technologies. The availability as the mobile app makes them user-friendly and handy. The top-rat...
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Founded: February 01, 2013

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- Online GPS track editor and archiver - Trackprofiler is the place where you can upload, e ...
Software, Internet & Computer Services System for monitoring competitor websites - SORGE accelerates your victory over your competito ...
- Ossgpstracking is an IT company that offers GPS tracking solutions to its clients. - ossgps provides a comprehensive fleet management s ...
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Asti Fleet Management
Live Fleet management system or transportation tracking software for buses, trucks, and taxis in a single dashboard -
Unknown IMPRINT is a sales force tracking solution, which can be used by managers to constantly monitor their sales executives in real time -
Smart Communication
Unknown Communication plays a vital role for building a better understanding between the school administration and parents -
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