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Travel Technology Company

Asia Tech is a Travel Technology company ardently helping hotels and travel agents make more money by getting their business online. Founded in 2014, the company was born when 3 like minded young go-getters came together to build ...
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Founded: April 11, 2014

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AsiaTech Competitors

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Startup Industry Description
Hotel Data Cloud
Travel, Recreation & Leisure Helping hotels get #backincontrol - Hotels sell rooms through booking partners, but ha ...
- Same-day mobile hotel bookings - HotelTonight - Plans change; HotelTonight can help ...
- HSystem provides innovative technology solutions for the hospitality industry. - Hsystem - We develop technologies for the hospital ...
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AsiaTech Funding

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AsiaTech Team

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Person Role Period
Prateek Rastogi
Founder Unknown to Unknown
Pratik Verma
Founder Unknown to Unknown
Aishwary Rastogi
Founder Unknown to Unknown
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