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Algorithmia is an open marketplace for algorithms, enabling developers to create tomorrows smart applications today.

Algorithmia - Marketplace for Algorithms as a service

We're building a community around state-of-the-art algorithm development, where users can create, share and build on other algorithms.

Website: https://algorithmia.com
Founded: December 03, 2013

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Algorithmia Competitors

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Startup Industry Description
Software, Internet & Computer Services QMENTA is a cloud based medical image analysis and visualization platform for patients with brain diseases. - QMENTA, headquartered in Boston with European offi ...
- Global accessibility to self-driving vehicles - AImotive (formerly AdasWorks) is primed to bring g ...
- Ekipa.me is an social network online which connects three friends with other three friends to meet in different local businesses. - ekipa is the global marketplace for software teams ...
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Algorithmia Funding

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Date Round Amount Investors
Jun 23, 2017 Series A $ 10,500,000
Aug 01, 2014 Seed $ 2,400,000

Algorithmia Acquisitions

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There are no acquisitions.

Algorithmia Products

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Product Stage Description
Algorithmia OCR Service
Live Use character recognition to extract text from an image -
Live CODEX provides a full stack for creating, discovering , scaling and managing serverless microservices behind your firewall. -

Algorithmia Team

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Person Role Period
Tim Porter
Board Director Aug 2014 to Present
Liz Rush
Developer Evangelist and Software Engineer Nov 2015 to Present
Matt Kiser
Product Marketing Manager Nov 2015 to Present
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Algorithmia News

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Date Title
Jun 23, 2017 TechCrunch - Algorithmia raises $10.5M Series A round led by Google’s new AI fund
Algorithmia raises $10.5M Series A round led by Google’s new AI fund

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